Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


With more than two decades of ministry experience, Sheldon and Candice carry wisdom, insight and maybe a few good stories along the way. Born and raised in Newfoundland, Sheldon has a deep connection to the island, its culture, and its people. His love of music was evident since childhood and grew into a passion for worship which has remained at the forefront of his ministry. He holds the attention of his audience with his preaching and teaching style. He has also been involved in several overseas missions. Candice is a gifted communicator and teacher, whether mentoring one on one, preaching on a Sunday morning or speaking at a conference. Most recently, Sheldon and Candice spent eight years planting and growing a church in Winnipeg’s north end which continues to thrive today. They have been married for 25 years and have two very cute kids. They relocated to the St. John’s area in August of 2017 with a vision to plant a life-giving church in CBS. Sheldon is also an Offshore Chaplain with Eastern Chaplaincy, serving on Hibernia, Hebron, and Sea Rose.


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Born and raised in Newfoundland, Christian and Melissa are forever attached to the island. Christian has a B.A in History and a Bachelor of Education and currently works as a Police dispatcher. Melissa has a diploma of Administration and works as Barista at a local coffee shop. They have four children and two wiener dogs and sometimes life can get little crazy. With that said, they have a heart for youth and being involved at Revive Church. As Youth Leaders they want to build relationships, friendships and a church community where youth feel welcomed, can be who they are, and thrive in their walk with God.

55+ Ministry

Ed and Lillian have been involved in church ministry all of their adult lives. Ed, as a pastor, worship leader, and various other church-related positions. Lillian has served as a musician, children's ministry leader and has lead woman's prayer groups. Both born and raised in Newfoundland, they love the island and its people. They resided in Marystown for most of their married life but moved to CBS in 2022. All of their immediate family, including 3 grandchildren live on the Avalon Peninsula, hence one of the reasons for relocating! Ed has also worked in business, including printing, publishing, and the retail sector. Lillian has taught kindergarten for approximately 30 years. They pastored a church in Marystown for 20 years and experienced the hand of God working in their midst. Both are now retired but still love to serve the Lord and be involved in advancing the kingdom of God.

Prayer Coordinators

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HeArt of God

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Setup Coordinator

Being a mobile church has its share of challenges, and having the right person in charge of operations is a must! Keir has graciously accepted the position of “Set-Up Coordinator” at Revive and is in the process of building his team. Message us to join Keir’s team!!! Keir is a mechanically minded, motor bike loving, problem solving dude. If he had his heart’s desire he’d likely be spending his days restoring old classic cars and live in a junk yard fortress. However, God has given him a different road to pave. He is a project manager by day and a “Mr. Fix it all” by night. He is a lone island in a house full of women (his wife Charlotte and two teenage daughters Bronwyn and Gwen). To these ladies he is provider, protector, transportation provider, IT manager, maintenance man and spontaneous entertainer. If you ask him a question, you will get a straight answer. Simply, he is very honest. For Keir, Revive is the home he’s been waiting for since deciding to put his roots down in the cabin country of Brigus Junction just six years ago. After living and working all across Canada, nothing has pleased him more than staying put and being a part of this family of believers.


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